The days of local print ads in the phone book or local newspaper are long gone. When we are looking for information, new service providers, or whatever we could possibly need, we now easily search from the palm of our hand. For businesses to grow and thrive in their community, local search is indispensable.

Have you found yourself falling short online when compared to your competition? If so, now is the time to strategize diverse digital marketing techniques to give your business the upper hand. While organic search is the best way to market your brand and earn more clients, it should not be your only focus. Surpassing your competition online organically can take months or even years, so it is important to take an interactive and consistent digital marketing approach to reach more consumers.

Are you ready to get more local search traffic? Here are our 6 winning strategies.

1. Take Advantage of Your Directory Listings and Profiles

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Consistent and accurate business information raises your local search rankings.


Your business information is mentioned countless times on the web. In addition to the business listings on the major search engines, there are over 70 additional directories which you can take advantage of. Notable platforms on which to list your business include:

When your business is accurately listed on Google My Business, your listing will be entered into the Knowledge Graph, which displays on the side of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), and includes a wealth of relevant information. Your Google My Business listing will display reviews, photos, customer questions, and more. As your listing gathers more tenure, additional data such as “busy times” or a descriptive editorial may be added.

Claiming your directory listings and profiles is a simple and effective way to have your business information listed accurately across the web, and helps your brand stand out more to your potential customers.

Your brand can benefit from all of these mentions by personally taking the time, or hiring a reputable marketing company to update these online directories with consistent and correct business data. Reach out to us today to be matched with the best Local Citation Program that works for you and your business!

2. Targeted Pay Per Click Campaigns

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Reach your target market quickly with a well-planned PPC campaign.

Quickly spread the word about your services and products with an effective PPC campaign. You don’t have to wait months to earn local search rankings organically and will see results immediately. With the ability to target your PPC campaign by location, you win the advantage of reaching those customers who are most likely to convert.

With a thoughtful budget to start, you can gain the edge on your competition to a targeted demographic. Be sure to use ad copy that matches the tone of your websites’ landing page, and be able to answer questions quickly to turn local search clicks into cash.

You only pay when someone clicks on your ads, so by maintaining a high conversion rate you can see more financial success and earn more customers with a great local PPC campaign.


3. Invest in Reputation Management

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A well-crafted review response can make or break your business’ online reputation.

When searching for somewhere new to bring their business, consumers want to make sure they’re talking to an honest and trusted company. Reviews, good and bad, and the way in which you respond to them can have a massive effect on the perception of your brand

Be proactive about your business’ reputation! Take the time to encourage reviews from your clients and customers, especially when you know you’ve provided excellent services. Generally, people are more likely to leave reviews only when they’re upset. By reminding your clients that you value their feedback, you are able to take charge of your brand’s reputation and push it in the right direction.

When managing your reputation online, it is important to focus on all feedback, not just the negative reviews. The common first thought is often to immediately and exclusively respond to critical or unfriendly reviews while ignoring those who took the time to leave kind words for your business. Investing your time into replying to all customer feedback shows that you are involved in your business’ growth and success, and that you take a personal approach to your brand no matter the size.

Show your consumers that you are dedicated to excellent customer service by crafting professional, thoughtful, and compassionate responses to your negative reviews. Responding with empathy and ownership, regardless of which party is at fault, shows a dedication to customer service and that the feedback of all consumers has a positive effect on the customer service experiences you provide.

Struggling to word an effective review response? Get in touch today to have one of our reputation management specialists assist you!

4. Social Media and Advertisements

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Engage your target audience and develop lasting brand loyalty with social media marketing.

Social media plays a large role in creating brand awareness to bring new business to your doorstep. Keeping your business active on social media can be your main marketing method, as well as a key contributor to complement other marketing strategies.

Everyone is on social media, and your business should be as well! Take advantage of the platforms which are most likely to cater to your target audience. For example, a clothing company can reach their target consumers on Instagram, while a restaurant can find themselves fully booked by actively updating their Facebook account.

As with all digital marketing, consistency is key. Be sure to engage your audience, have fun, and always cater your posts towards your target audience.

Social advertising can greatly benefit and maximize the visibility of your business. Many social media platforms have the option to utilize sponsored posts and advertisements. Applying these strategies can help you reach your target demographic quickly, which leads to increased engagement and brand loyalty.

5. Email Marketing With Promotions and Special Deals

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Use effective email marketing campaigns to deliver targeted promotions straight to your consumers.

Targeted email campaigns are the most effective form of communication for business owners trying to reach a new audience. Start a conversation and keep it going using your next well-planned email marketing campaign.

Make your emails interesting to encourage clicks which can lead to conversations. Start a relationship with your potential consumers by providing value and delivering a campaign that focuses on connections before conversions. Learn what your target audience is interested in, and provide special promotions that make them want to do business with your brand.

Consistently publishing content maximizes the visibility of your business. If you offer multiple services, we recommend you use organized lists to deliver custom content to the right subscriber according to their interests. Initiate conversations, make connections, and watch your next email campaign result in high conversion rates!

6. Get Involved With Your Local Community

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Make priceless connections in real time with community involvement.


Maximize your online reach by putting a little elbow grease into the presence of your business within your community. Your local search numbers will skyrocket when you associate your brand with local organizations and events.

Always be on the lookout for the next business contest or local awards ceremony in your area. Not only does a win strengthen the reputation of your business, just by participating you are linking your business information and website link with any online mentions of the event.

Boost your business’ perception, engagement, and sales by sponsoring local events. Event sponsorship connects you to your target market through meaningful real-time interaction. Community events are also a great way to create valuable business to business connections with like-minded professionals. Not only will you gain direct access to potential consumers, you will increase visibility and strengthen connections with your existing local clients



Boca Raton Search Engine Optimization, Southern Florida SEO Experts

Watch your business grow with our winning digital marketing strategies today!

Consistency, quality conversations, and maximized visibility are the core values to enhance the online presence of your business. Continually evaluate your brand identity and adapt to match local trends and maintain relevance.

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! Integrating thoughtful and results driven combinations of digital marketing strategies leads to the best results for your business. Whether it be attentive email marketing content, active social media presence, community outreach, or dedicated reputation management, be sure to use the best digital marketing strategies for the success of your business.

Are you ready to take the next step and grow your local business reach, but don’t know where to start? Contact BroadLeaf Marketing & SEO, and we’ll work with you to develop the best marketing approach for your needs!

Become a winner today with a digital marketing approach to boost your local search results and grow your business!