Generally speaking, most of us like to plan ahead of time and have an idea of what’s in store on our timeline. However, life is unpredictable. You see, rarely does life follow the schematics we’ve created for this well-oiled machine to function. Often times even the most solidified and concrete of blueprints can fall through at the last minute. One moment everything is working as scheduled and there’s not a worry in the world. Then without the slightest of warning, something occurs and throws everything off track. Such is life, but taking preventative actions will make our endeavors more fruitful- especially when it comes to business.

Making Trail Marks

When looking for hidden treasure, it’s important to have the right map while looking for your “X” that marks the spot. We live in a fast paced world that is constantly trying to improve on saving time and making things take less effort. So when somebody is to pull out one of their many handheld devices and look up your business, it’s imperative to have accurate data that lays the facts strait. With everything in today’s society revolving around the internet, you wouldn’t want to lead your loyal customers on a wild goose chase now would you?


The whole idea behind having a web page is to beguile customers into your establishment, whatever your expertise, so you can convert them into paying customers rather than the people just aimlessly browsing the competition appearing first on Google. Rest assured, the competition has accurate data on their site. It’s time to step our game up.

Making Navigation Easy

Luring your patrons in takes time and a bit of promotional effort. This effort includes utilizing the internet despite your personal feelings about the World Wide Web. Google and other heavily relied search engines get their listings and search info from a multitude of sources including:


  • Online Phone Books
  • Phone Directories
  • News Cites
  • City and State Directories
  • User Review Sites
  • Government Affiliated Sites


Essentially every time your business is mentioned in any form or fashion online is trust building and helping Google to believe in you more. In all actuality, if your business is worth the while, you may be looked up online at any given hours of the day- not just when you’re open. Once searched upon, first impressions with accurate data mean everything in our world of business aesthetics.


Whenever people use Google or some other search engine for looking up business listings, they are generally focused on the hours of operation or the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) of that business. To promote yourself to the top of the recommended list, there should not be inconsistencies in your business information. If Google finds too many variations of your business information, it will think they are multiple businesses- thus making it more difficult to navigate customers in your direction.


If any of this information is not up to date, it will potentially push clients away and hurt your ranking on Google or other engines. You want your business at the top- not 6 pages in after searching forever. Not to mention, the more accurate data that accumulates is like solidifying a relationship with Google and the other engines. If somebody searches your business and is given a wrong address- out of frustration they may never use Google again. Building that trust will increase your ranking. Imagine it very similarly to building your credit.

Leaving Behind Breadcrumbs

Business listings are generally ranked ahead of other sites when specific searches are made. Staying on top can be time consuming and irritating but one that will increase your business as word of mouth spreads via the internet and thru satisfied consumers.Yes it is true that the hours of operation and NAP are the primary focus when your profession is searched, but there are other details of accurate data that can be input for total customer satisfaction such as reviews, product information, or any predominant credentials.


Recent public polls go so far as to state that most small business owners agree they rely heavily upon online marketing but over 50% haven’t updated their listings in years. Even worse is 70% said they didn’t have the time to do so. Kind of a catch 22 here.


The idea is just to create this online presence of accurate data that brings your business to the forefront as you stand out above the rest. It’s all about the advocacy- trust the process, it’s worth it.