“The times are a changin”- a statement that stands true and true throughout history. Sure time repeats itself often, but it’s always progressing forward in one way or another. You see, evolution and growth are constantly showing themselves through the diversity of struggles in our world. As you can see, we’re no longer walking around like the monkeys were once upon a time. On the other hand, we still compete like them. With the oversized population we live in, sometimes you have to run twice as fast just to stay in place. Those of us with ambition are constantly looking for ways to improve- are we not?


Somewhere along the line, roughly thirty something odd years ago, the internet was born and slowly took over our ever adapting society. It’s hard to think of or even remember a time where we didn’t rely so heavily upon it; kind of ludicrous if you think about it. Be that as it may, companies like Apple and Windows made it implausible for us to not move with Father Time as the years went fast and the days moved on slow.


Like it or not, the internet is here to stay and has made its way into many aspects of our personal and business lives- some out of convenience and some out of necessity. Listing your business online is one thing. Listing your business online via Google is an entirely different card game. Bringing us into the modern era, we start seeing the advantages of utilizing the ways of the internet and that it may help keep us a few steps ahead without having to wipe the sweat off our brows.

The Future

In today’s day of age, everybody and their grandmother have a smart phone of some sort sitting in the pocket of their dungarees or their pleather laden purse. We are constantly rushing from one place to the next looking to book our next appointment or snag some food to shovel down our gullets- and it’s all about convenience. “Hey Siri- where is ACE Hardware”?  Sounds a little familiar right? The amount of times we pull that smart phone out and look up directions, facts, or pictures about something throughout our day is too many to count. It makes life so much easier, but do you ever think about what goes on behind the scenes of the questions effortlessly asked? Listing your business via Google is what makes this so quickly accessible to those requiring the needs of your trade.


Think about it. When we have a question to ask, we go online. Where do we go to ask that question? Ding Ding Ding- we’ve got a winner! That’s right- we go to Google 99% of the time. When we need answers to finding the closest electrician in the area, we look it up. A matter of having quick answers is right there- why not? This is why listing your business via Google is a game changer.


Work Smarter Not Harder

What most don’t realize is that Google is not just a search engine but it is also the biggest glossary/index of the world. Google will help you organize and discover

  • Maps and Locations
  • Supportive Tools
  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Money Management Options
  • Communication and more

Essentially, listing your business via Google is the best way to have customers find you anywhere at any time. Say that your business is opening up a new location or changing its hours, by listing your business via Google- changes and updates are easy to put into effect within minutes. It’s quick and easy but it also keeps things with your company feeling special to the customer/client. Let’s face the big fact here: all this internet usage isn’t very personal.  However, keeping a website up to date and listing your business via Google can make things appear much more welcoming and credible in our skeptical society. Videos, pictures, and even reviews can be set up to support your practice.


The whole thought of all this can be a royal pain in your rear when you’ve done fine with your business for X amount of years without all this internet and Google talk. The thing is you don’t have to like it, but to just accept it. Listing your business via Google helps to deliver facts about your operation that will allow consumers of whatever nature to feel more relaxed as you build your loyal customer/fan base.


Remember, we unfortunately live in an often judgmental world that bases so many things on aesthetics and first impressions. Keeping up with the supply and demand of this planet is the best way to stay ahead of the competitor. Listing your business via Google will keep you ahead and at ease.