See Lotus in Action Through The Thinnery, a Diet Bakery in Upland, CA

Have you been curious about the success potential for our powerful Lotus Program, a unique SEO solution for business owners? You may be wondering what Lotus can do for your business, and we’re excited to show you! In this article, we will outline a great monthly analytics report for The Thinnery, a revolutionary diet bakery in Upland, California.


Established in 1978, The Thinnery has been creating the finest sugar-free desserts, candy, baked goods, and more. Well known in Upland, CA and its surrounding areas, The Thinnery is the ultimate sugar-free “Heaven” for diabetics and people with restrictive diets. Through their dedication to high-quality Weight Watchers friendly “skinny” dessert options, they have become a local staple for over 40 years! See for yourself their wide selection of guilt-free goodies at!

To learn more about what The Lotus Program has done for The Thinnery and can do for your business, continue reading below!


The Lotus Program: Monthly Analytics Report

Once you’ve made the great choice of signing up for The Lotus Program, our first goal for your business’ online success is to fully update 70+ directories with accurate business information. This initial process takes about 7 days to complete, after which you’ll begin to see Lotus in action through our comprehensive analytics reports.

With the guidance of your Lotus Account Manager, you’ll learn how to understand and keep track of the success of your Lotus Program reports! Our detailed reports provide easy-to-use visualizations of your business’ performance online, from views to customer actions, and more!

As you continue reading below, remember that these real Lotus Program results include steep “drops” in activity. These drops are the product of information that has not been generated yet, and are not a reflection of The Thinnery’s most recent Lotus performance!

The Thinnery’s Google Search and Maps Views

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The most powerful component of your Lotus Program package is your verified Google My Business listing. See for yourself the increased peak views for The Thinnery after their initial information sync across the 70+ directories. You can expect your Google Search and Maps views to ebb and flow as your Account Manager routinely updates your Lotus platform.

The Thinnery’s Google Customer Actions

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Having the power to accurately track the number of times consumers interact with your business’ Google listing is priceless! Your account manager will guide you through the Customer Actions sections of your analytics reports, which include a wide range of data from phone calls by hour, device usage type, and more!

The Thinnery’s Google Search Queries

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One of the primary goals that we set for the success of your Lotus Program is to increase the amount of “Discovery” searches. More Discovery makes for more new business, giving you a higher return on investment! You may be asking yourself what this means. What is the difference between “Discovery” and “Direct” searches?

While there will always be plenty of existing customers searching for your business by name (Direct Searches), the key to new consumers is to boost your Discovery Search results. Discovery Searches are the result of consumers finding your business’ listings when using search terms such as goods, services, categories, or keywords.

The Thinnery’s Listing Reach Overview

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What sets The Lotus Program apart from other local search services is the ability to match and lock your business information across 70+ online directories and search engines. While reviewing your monthly analytics reports with your Lotus Account Manager you can expect to see not only the performance of your Google listing but the effectiveness of all of your business’ online listings!


Simply put, the Lotus Program by BroadLeaf Marketing & SEO is a necessary, priceless tool for the success of your business’ online presence. By entering and maintaining accurate and consistent data across the web, Lotus guarantees an increase in views, calls, website clicks, and more!


We’d like to thank The Thinnery for allowing us to showcase their great business and excellent first monthly Lotus analytics report! If you’re a San Bernadino County resident or taking a cruise down scenic Route 66, be sure to drop by The Thinnery for your next sugar-free treat. Oh, and don’t forget to tell them BroadLeaf Marketing & SEO sent you!


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