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Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Imagine if you could advertise on the internet to individuals who are already interested in your goods or services. With display advertising, you can do just that! A display advertising campaign utilizes unique and innovative software to track internet users so that advertising can be displayed based on their interests and preferences. With this type of campaign, you can pinpoint potential clients and customers to advertise to who are more likely to choose your business for their needs or desires.

A Specific Targeted Audience through Display Advertising Campaigns

Display advertising is unique because it allows a business to pinpoint a specific audience of potential customers based on characteristics recognized with advertising software. This innovative marketing service allows you to advertise to audiences based on:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Total annual income
  • Searched keywords
  • Website visits
  • Time spent on the internet

How is Display Advertising Made Possible?

Without display advertising, we would have to individually place each advertisement onto sites belonging to an administrator that has granted permission. This takes much time and effort, and it doesn’t even guarantee that the advertisement will reach potential customers. Display advertisement is made possible with the innovative advancement of tracking technology. Have you ever searched for an item and continued on with your internet use only to find an advertisement displayed on the following page for the item you were just searching for? This is due to tracking technology and display advertising. Tracking technology records what internet users are doing so that advertisements can be displayed according to specific demographics of users.

Retarget Marketing: A Form of Display Advertising

Obviously, if you advertise to people who have been previously interested in what your website offers, you will have a better turnaround on your marketing investments. Retarget marketing gives you the opportunity to do this. It uses tracking technology to record the history of internet users who have previously visited your website so that your advertising efforts are aimed towards them. This allows recently interested potential customers to revisit the opportunity of utilizing your goods or services, providing your business with more website presence and online buyers.

How to Find your Target Audience

If you decide that display advertising is a marketing campaign that you wish to invest into, we will first have to establish your target audience. This is done through extensive research on keywords searched relative to your industry. Next, advertisements are developed in the form of banners, landing pages, or pay-per-click campaigns. Lastly, once your display advertising campaign is up and running, we provide analytics on how display advertising is helping to convert internet users into current customers, so you can be sure of your marketing investments and their plentiful benefits.

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