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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is one of the main forms of business communication. Not taking advantage of email contact when it comes to marketing efforts is a waste. Email marketing campaigns utilize email contacts gained through your company website visitors. These contacts are sent email newsletters which intend to spark interest in either product promotions, sales, giveaways, new releases, and services.

The Benefits of an Email Marketing Campaign

Of course, you can send a mass email to your contacts, but the chances are that it will be sent directly to the spam folder of your contacts’ email. An effective email marketing campaign will overpass spam criteria and reach your customers with an intriguing offer or information. Additionally, you have likely been the victim of spam emails that are not pertinent to your needs or desires. An effective email marketing campaign offers relevant deals, promotions, or advertisements to individuals who have already visited your website. This means that they have already been previously interested in your company, making them a more relevant marketing target audience. Upon developing an email marketing campaign, we make sure to target a specific audience that can relate to the topic of the newsletter before developing text and graphics.

Design, Content, and Research Fusing Together with Email Marketing

To develop a successful email marketing campaign, we will need to utilize both creativity and innovation. First, research is done to determine the appropriate target audience for the campaign. This ensures that the turnaround for potential sales increases since the audience is more likely to express interest in whatever is being offered. Next, our design team develops creative and unique graphics that tie into the product or services being highlighted in the text of the newsletter.

Lastly, we develop content that accurately offers information and influences email subscribers to choose your company for their needs. Content is developed based on keywords searched by a local target audience. For example, your customers usually search specific words that relate to your products or services that lead them to your website. We utilize these keywords, turn them into links, and boost website visitors by doing so. We don’t just make up words that sound nice, we implement the words that your potential customers are searching for so they find themselves back at your site through your email marketing efforts. Since email marketing campaigns utilize intuitive design, thoughtful content, and consumer behavior research, they are more likely to impress potential buyers instead of sitting unread in the email inbox or spam folder.

Ready to Utilize your Email Contacts with Email Marketing?

Many individuals don’t know about the advantage of an email marketing campaign and miss our on a growing internet presence because of their lack of knowledge. If you think that you can utilize your email contacts to grow the business through an email marketing campaign, give us a call today for a free, no obligation consultation and quote of our services. You can have the internet presence that you want, but each day you wait for it a day missing out on new internet visitors and customers! Call BroadLeaf Marketing & SEO at 866-297-8881.