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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

So, say you’ve invested in multiple digital marketing campaigns, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media engagement, or backlinking. How do you know whether or not your investments in marketing have paid off, and how do you measure the progress of your site with regard to traffic, clicks, and conversions?

In other words, is there any way to track the success or failure of any marketing techniques you use, and to measure how effectively your website is reaching people? With Google Analytics, there is. Google Analytics ReportGoogle Analytics is a tool for assessing the progress of campaigns, comparing site traffic to previous time periods, tracking conversions (whether or not someone clicks on something on your site), and determining how long people stay and your site and which referral source is the most useful for you. A Google Analytics report can even determine whether users are primarily finding your site via a desktop or mobile device. In essence, a Google Analytics report can tell you what is and isn’t working with regard to each individual marketing campaign you have invested in.

How a Google Analytics Report Works

What can a Google Analytics report do for your business? Well, first it can tell you where the most people who visit your site come from- whether that’s an organic search that leads them there, a referral from another company, or a paid search (like an ad.) By determining this, you can decide which marketing tools are worth your investment. These reports can also track your conversions, meaning how many people who visit your site actually click on things within the site. This can tell you which sections of your site are most appealing, and which need work.

A Google Analytics report can also lend insight into your target audience as well as your design needs. For example, if most of your traffic is coming from mobile devices, you can be sure that you may be reaching a younger demographic of potential customers. This can help you tailor your advertisements to capture that market. This can also tell you whether you need to make your site more mobile-friendly, or if the desktop version of your site is easy to navigate and appeals to potential customers.

Setting up Google Analytics

Setting up a Google Analytics account and reading a Google Analytics report can be difficult to do if you aren’t well-versed in how this tool works. Google Analytics ReportFortunately, at BroadLeaf, we are experienced in setting up, managing, and assessing Google Analytics reports for a wide range of companies. This is a service that we offer to our clients who want to be able to track the progress of their site, their marketing campaigns, and glean important information about their target market.

If you want to know how your investments are paying off, getting a regular Google Analytics report can be an invaluable tool. In addition to charting the progress of your campaigns and ensuring that you are investing in the right tools, Google Analytics can also show you problem areas with your marketing campaigns and the design of your website. Fixing these potential problem areas is essential to maintaining a cost-effective digital marketing campaign. If you want more information that can help you reach a wider audience, BroadLeaf can help with a Google Analytics report and management.