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Social Media

Social Media

Billions of people use social media every day to connect with others, to share videos and images, and to stay updated on news. Social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter- have become ubiquitous in society- without using these connections, we miss out on a whole world of opportunity. This goes for businesses as well. Social Media ManagementYounger generations are less likely to engage with businesses through traditional methods, like phone calls or email lists. Social media engagement is how the majority of people interact with businesses and products. Without a social media presence that reaches a target audience, businesses will miss out on potentially thousands of dollars in sales.

Why a Social Media Strategy is Vital

But how can a social media strategy be effective? If you have interesting content to post and product information that appeals to a variety of potential customers, it’s important that you are able to target that information in a way that will reach them. Unfortunately, many businesses have wonderful products and services to offer, but they miss out of potential revenue due to a lack of social media engagement with the public.

BroadLeaf can help. We specialize in social media engagement and management on behalf of a wide variety of businesses and enterprises. It’s one thing to post frequently; it’s another to target your posts so that they reach the maximum audience possible.

BroadLeaf can manage your social posts to ensure that there is regular, new, appealing content posted on behalf of your business or enterprise. This maintains a social media presence and over time can increase your digital audience.

In addition to posting on behalf of your company to reach your customers and new potential customer bases, we can maintain your social media engagement so that you are responding to queries, interacting with your social media contacts, and maintaining a connection with your base in the digital realm.

Social Media Management

We also offer management of targeted marketing through Facebook. Facebook is a social media platform with nearly two billion users as of this year. Not tapping into that market can be a costly mistake. Social Media ManagementAt BroadLeaf, we offer management of paid, boosted posts to target a certain demographic of potential customers and the local area in which you do business. We also offer retargeting. The way that retargeting works is that when someone visits your website (on mobile or desktop), when they log in to Facebook they will be served an advertisement for your business. This encourages repeat returns to your site, which can convert into purchases and ultimately profit for you.

In today’s world, the Internet is where people shop, make friends, connect, and interact with individuals and businesses. Social media engagement is an invaluable tool for maximizing your presence, increasing and solidifying your brand identity, and building a relationship with your clients. Having a robust online presence taps into a market that can’t otherwise be captured. It also has the benefit of making your company recognizable to potential clients who may not be reached by other, more traditional forms of marketing.

At BroadLeaf, we can help you tap into a huge potential customer pool with social media management. To start building your online presence, call 866-297-8881.