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The Lotus Program

The Lotus Program

Are you looking to expand your web presence and increase your customer base? You don’t have to look any further. BroadLeaf Marketing & SEO has come out with the most efficient software on the market.

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What does it do?

Lotus boost search results and develops a consistent brand reputation across the web, by scouring possible locations your business can be listed, instantaneously. More importantly, Lotus finds inaccurate data, and changes it into accurate and proper data. Lotus has match and lock patented technology that shoots your companies information to over 70 directories. Lotus works at a 24/7 basis, allowing for rapid corrections of any issues that need to be identified.  Lotus connects all the right dots with its Cloud Base, Listings, and Review Tools to make data management easy and efficient.  Lotus has the ability to not only find you new customers, but to better connect you to them as well. If you are looking for marketing tools that can provide good SEO and local marketing ROI, Lotus is the right choice. Managing your business web presence is no small task, and you have got a busy practice to run, so let us help.

Knowledge Manager
Custom Fields
User Roles
Single Sign-On
Live API**
Analytics Dashboards
Insights Library
Report Builder
Activity Report
Branded Content Syndication
Publisher Suggestions
Listings Analytics
All Lotus features PLUS
PowerListings® Network: Social
Social Location Page Posting
User-Generated Content
Review Monitoring
Duplicate Suppression
All Professional features PLUS
Review Generation
Review Publishing
Review Balancing
Review Response
Review Insights
Intelligent Search Tracker

Still Have Questions?

We understand that we’re throwing a lot at you.  So, we’ve decided to define some of the services in The Lotus Program to make it easier for you to understand.

  • Knowledge Manager – A single source of truth for the public facts about your business. Knowledge Manager creates, shares, uses and manages the knowledge and information of your business to manage all the facts consumers seek about your people, places, and products — from locations, holiday hours, and in-store promotions to parking entrances and professional credentials.


  • Geocoding – As part of our rigorous data cleansing process, our program verifies the coordinates of all your locations with three of the top mapping providers in the PowerListings® Network — Google, Bing, and Yahoo — to ensure your map pins appear correctly to drivers and pedestrians alike, so you can rest assured your customers will find the right directions every time, no matter which way they travel.


  • Custom Fields –Broadleaf works with you to define the custom fields that represent your data management strategy best, like brand, open status, or square footage. WE can add custom fields that support URLs, photos, yes/no answers or 12 additional data validation types to manage the facts about your brand on your own terms.


  • User Roles –Our flexible workflows support the processes and controls of your business, so you can give users as much or as little responsibility as you’d like. Users can request edits to any data field, while approvers can review requested changes, accept, reject, or reassign those changes, and explain their decisions to those who made the request.


  • Digital Asset Management –Increase efficiencies, support compliance, and give your branded content legs with our library of pre-approved photos, videos, and text. With Digital Asset Management, you can schedule assets to populate with content like holiday-specific offers for a specific period of time. You can also view all the records that leverage an asset, so you can keep track of where and when your photos and offers appear to consumers.


  • Scheduled Updates –With Broadleaf, there’s no need to log in on a holiday to update your store hours. Changes to your digital knowledge — from holiday hours to featured promotions to social posts — can be scheduled to post automatically on the dates you desire. We do the work for you, so you can enjoy your holidays while keeping customers informed.


  • Listings – Broadleaf Listings puts you in control of the facts about your business across 100+ digital services globally. Our direct integrations put you in definitive control of how your business listings appear everywhere customers search.


  • Branded Content Syndication – Content syndication is the process of pushing your blog, site, or video content out into third-party sites, either as a full article, snippet, link, or thumbnail. The idea is to drive more engagement with your content by wiring it into related digital contexts, either to boost traffic to your owned property or just get exposure for your brand or your key personalities or products.


  • Publisher Suggestions – Publishers in the PowerListings Network — like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Bing — occasionally receive submissions from users with suggested data and content updates for specific locations. With Publisher Suggestions, we can now view those suggestions directly in the Broadleaf dashboard and choose whether or not to incorporate them across your listings.


  • Listings Analytics –Now, using demographic data, you can better tailor your listings content for the consumers who see you in search. Test new promotions based on audience demographics. Find your niche on Facebook and ensure that the next batch of content you produce that falls into that niche is promoted heavily on social media. You know best when it comes to your brand’s unique goals. With this bird’s eye view of your listings landscape, you’ll be able make decisions backed up by hard data. You’ll arrive at decisions quicker, and act on them with more confidence.


  • Review Response – Respond to reviews on Google and Facebook, as well as any first-party reviews you generate.


  • Analysis – Understand how keywords correlate with positive or negative reviews.


  • Review Insights – See the total count and distribution of your ratings — and how they impact your business — in Lotus Analytics.


  • Review Generation – Collect first-party reviews from customers via email, text message, and more.


  • Review Publishing – Publish first-party reviews to your website(s).


  • Competitive Intelligence – Track how your star ratings and performance in search stack up against 5 competitors.